Word From The Founder – Moses Nkoyoyo

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When God called me to ministry and I was preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the LORD touched my heart to give back to my community that had given so much to me.

I was led by the Holy Spirit to start a home for vulnerable children. While growing up in a poor rural community, I witnessed the cracks and scars of HIV/AIDS especially in the lives of children.

I was blessed that when I gave my life to Jesus, my life turned around and looking at the faces of unfortunate children I grew up and played with during my childhood. I saw how everybody needs a chance in life at a time when they need to plant a seed for their future. I saw broken hearts and lives that had come to congratulate me. I could read from their faces a sense of resignation and despair. It was as though they were telling me to accomplish what they could all have done to build their lives and that of the community. For those of my age, I could do nothing… but for the children, I felt there was something I could do to avert the situation. Looking deep in their eyes, I could see their fears… but also hope and encouragement that there was someone of their own who had made it… and may be they too can.

In my own neighborhood, I saw children who went with one meal day. I also saw children who do not go to school just because of books of less than 2000 UGX. As someone who has purely benefited from education in life, I felt there was no better thing to do than design some form of intervention to help them. Thinking about the friends I have met across the course of my life, I realized there was hope.

So I set out to meet as many friends I possibly could, talk to them about what I wanted to do and asked them to take off just UGX 5000/= ($2.5) of their monthly earnings and dedicate it to these children. I also asked them to help out at the orphanage with their knowledge and skills. I used Facebook quite tensely and it helped me reach out to many people. The response was overwhelming. From then on, Divine Children Home became a reality and it is still surviving on the $2.5 of dedicated young people who have a heart for children. I am very grateful to each of you for the love and support and for making my dream a reality. You do not know how much difference you have made and may God grant you what means most to you for being obedient, caring, loving and mindful of those who need your support.

Buganda Region is by all measure the poorest region in Uganda today, but there are very few interventions and deliberate efforts that have been put in place to try and mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS and poverty in this region. I call upon the government, and international community to think about the plight of the people in this poor region. The presence of peace is not a guarantee for development. I have seen and lived with people who go with one meal a day. Their lives are a world that lives in me and I will live to dedicate my life to helping and supporting these children as much as God can grant me life. Come join me as we help these children overcome their fears… and live to their fullest lives.