How To Help

  • School Lunches for Divine Children $7

For many of the Children not just at our Schools, but also vocational training programs,…, lunch is the only meal they eat all day. The staff found that many kids were having a hard time concentrating at school due to a lack of food at home, so all our training centers started serving lunch. With $7 DCOH can provide a week’s worth of meals for one student.

  • A Month of Care for Orphans $30

DCOH supports Christian homes that provide loving care for thousands of orphaned, abandoned, and destitute children. Just $30—the cost of a month’s worth of meals, healthcare, and education—can help a hurting child and their caregivers discover the everlasting love of our heavenly Father.

You don’t have to travel to Africa to care for an orphan. For only $30 per month, you can sponsor a child and help ensure the continued operation of Divine Children’s Home in Uganda.

Click on the button below to fill out a child sponsorship application. You will receive a photo and brief biography, plus semi-annual updates on the progress of your sponsored child. You will also be able to send letters, photos and birthday cards to DCOH for delivery to your child.

Unlike some sponsorship programs, where the children live at home (usually with their parents) and the sponsor provides a modest supplement, DCOH provides for the entire care of the children. This includes accommodations, food, clothing, medical care, playtime equipment, and education. In order to cover the operating costs for these complete services, multiple sponsors are necessary for each child.

We will choose (based on your preference of a boy or a girl) a child that is most in need of sponsorship and send his/her biography and photo to you. You can pay the $30/month by check monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, or you can donate online through a secure server.

  • Fight Diseases with Medicine $50

Malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS are three of the world’s most dreaded diseases. They kill millions of people each year and have undermined the stability of entire nations. Yet all three can be prevented and except for HIV they can be cured.

DCOH is fighting these and other diseases through a variety of clinics in Uganda and all the other country programs. This fund enables our staff to bring medical care, health services, hygiene projects, and other aid to desperate communities as needs arise and the Lord opens doors. In the face of death and despair, DCOH is able to share the hope of everlasting life in Jesus Christ.

  • Build a Home at the Children’s Village $50,000 – Share the Cost $340

Every 14 seconds an African child loses a parent to AIDS. DCOH It’s in need of building an Orphanage Village to place these children back into a home environment. You can Help us build a 16 bedroom home for a DCOH Children Family in the village for $50,000 or share the cost with others for $340.

  • Mosquito Nets $5

Malaria kills 3,000 children in Uganda everyday. Many parents are unable to purchase a mosquito net to protect their families from this deadly disease. With $5 DCOH can provide a mosquito net.

  • Bicycles for Community Workers –Divine Children Home $100

DCOH has training and equipped community workers as first responders for medical, social and spiritual needs. Each individual organizes mobile clinics, performs home visits and cares for the community around them on a regular basis. These volunteers cover many square miles of villages and often times have to walk more than a day to visit someone. You can provide one of these workers with a bike for $100 to make their work easier and enable them to carry more supplies as they travel.

  • Bibles & Christian Literature $30

DCOH works with local believers to bring God’s Word to thousands of poor and suffering people. For most, it’s their first time to read the Good News in their own language. A gift of $30 can provide Scripture and other materials that lead the way to true freedom in Jesus Christ. “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (John 8:31-32, NASB).

  • Farming Supplies $45

Many women living in impoverished rural communities struggle in feeding their families. To help educate and equip these women to farm some of their own food, DCOH is helping communities get sustainable sources of food and possibly income. A gift of $45 can provide a woman with the training, tools, seeds, and supplies to grow ample food for her family.

  • Vocational Training – DCOH $120

Widows, orphaned teens, women whose husbands do not provide for their families, and other at-risk women face hunger and shame because they cannot support themselves or their children. Your gift of $120 to provide vocational training can change the life of such a woman or girl in Uganda. You’ll provide skills instruction, materials, marketing training, and ongoing support that will open the door to a respectable, rewarding trade such as tailoring, cosmetology, jewelry-making, or dairy farming — and keep women and girls from unthinkable, soul-numbing choices like street begging or prostitution.

  • Resources $100

Education reduces poverty; studies show that each year of schooling increases a person’s earnings by a worldwide average of about 10 percent. To make schooling more dynamic and creative, DCOH’s Schools need teaching aids and supplies. Your gift will equip the school with things like teaching materials, textbooks, toys, and more — helping to ensure children get the basic education they deserve.

  • Sponsor a clean and Safe Drinking Water source (Borehole) $1500

Undesignated funds are needed for emergencies, – Staff Salary deficits, sickness, maintenance and repair, unexpected deaths (which is very common in Africa), … Many times DCOH staff don’t have any extra funds to be helpful in very difficult situations! Any contribution to this fund would be highly appreciated.