About Us

Divine Children Orphanage Home is a home for orphans, semi-orphans, abandoned and needy children from the slums and streets of Kampala, Mukono, Lugazi and Jinja in Uganda. It was founded by Mr. Nkoyoyo Moses in 2007 registered with the government of Uganda, Regd.No.13/2007. Official name of our orphanage is (Divine Children Ministries Uganda)

Our organization strives to help vulnerable children by providing them with Nutrition food, clothing, Shelter, education, and reliable health care, regardless of religion and social caste. Care & Love has been operating since 2007 with the ultimate mission of bringing hope and happiness in the lives of neglected and Les Privileged children.

We fight for child rights, and we preach against Child Labour, Maltreated Children, Child Prostitution, Sexual Abuse, Trafficking and we also work with children whose parents have physical disabilities.

We at Divine Children Orphanage Home take these burdens Children upon our shoulders and have sought to ease their present physical and emotional pain. We are running a home with an effort to love the Orphaned and underprivileged children as our own. Our programs are structured to properly nurture these children through promoting a holistic balance of faith, social, physical, mental, and moral values to achieve cognitive growth as they realize their full potential.

Although our aim may seem to be a little drop of water in a vast sea, we believe we can fulfill our mission and meet our goals with God’s grace and the support of merciful people like you. We urge you to open your heart to these ill-fated children. A small fraction of your time and support can enable these children to see many more happy days to come and wear beautiful smiles on their innocent faces. Partner with us and be a part of something that is meaningful and powerful, we need your support. Together we can help them envision a positive future.